Atto22: smartphone concept


What you see here is a 7.1" Full-HD display surrounded by very thin bezel with tiny rounded corners , everything else is hidden (aside from a speaker on the top, mic holes top/bottom , and a camera in the back) not even a power button is there .

The front camera , the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor is built inside the bezel (the bezel front is made out of thin bendable glass)

Hidden in the 3mm body is the SoC, the storage, that battery and all other components, no ports what so ever is there as the phone charge and sync wirelessly.

Finally you can fold the device 2 folds so you will get 4" 640 x 1080 display (third the size of the unfolded display) to use it on the go or to fit in your pocket.

*concept image was created using Google Sketchup and rendered with Twilight render