Aperion Audio has announced the ARIS Wireless Speaker System for Windows, a DLNA-compatible speaker set for release this June. The ARIS features four powered drivers — two one-inch tweeters and two four-inch woofers — alongside two passive radiator woofers (essentially speakers without the magnetic coils). The speakers fit inside a black single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure that measures 6.5 x 14.75 x 6.5 inches, which sits atop a red steel stand.

Despite its "for Windows" moniker, the ARIS will play back media from any DLNA-capable device — that means Windows PCs, Linux and Mac systems, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, and more. There's also an ethernet port and a standard 3.5mm audio input for playback without Wi-Fi. Network connectivity is made possible by an (included) PCMCIA-like wireless card, which Aperion says makes the ARIS future-proof, as you can swap it with a newer card in the future, but it looks like it may ruin the clean aesthetic of the device by sticking out a little.

There'll be a dedicated app for both Android and iOS available at launch, although the ARIS should work with any DLNA solution. The ARIS Wireless Speaker System for Windows will cost $499 when it's released on June 18th, and pre-orders placed before June 15th will receive a 10-percent discount.