The Samsung Galaxy S III might be launching in May in Europe, with the LTE-bearing US model following shortly behind, but the accompanying wireless charging kit won't be hitting stores until September. The inductive charger was announced alongside the phone at Samsung's Galaxy S III launch event in London last week, but SlashGear reports that there'll be a four month delay between the handset and the accessory shipping. The news comes from accessory retailer MobileFun, though there's no mention of the September date on its product page.

SlashGear speculates that the wait could be caused by Samsung's recent partnership with Powermat and Qualcomm to create a new standard for wireless power. Samsung hasn't commented on the difference in launch schedules, and could have always planned to delay the wireless kit for a few months, but it's telling that it was one of the few accessories mentioned at the Next Galaxy event that wasn't on show.