Air as only computer? (or: returning to Mac after 15 years and need advice)

Hello Apple Core, Somewhat unexpectedly, I am in the market for a new laptop. I currently have a Vaio S series that I am quite fond of, but the grass is always greener on the other side and I am considering returning to the Mac fold after a long absence (last Mac I had was in college--mid 1990s--and I don't even remember its name. Something like the LCIII??).

With a budget of about $1500, I can get either a Macbook Pro or an Air (13" either way). As I will do a lot of international travel for work over the next few years, the lightness of the Air is appealing, but I am worried about its capabilities and whether the ergonomics are good enough to use as your only computer (I will not have access to a desktop or larger laptop). Just earlier today there was a thread with several people complaining about the keyboard.

My computing needs are for the most part pretty basic (e.g. MS Office type stuff, internet, media consumption, etc.) but I do occasional video and audio editing as well. I also need to use some data analysis programs that can be pretty resource intensive, and some--like NVivo--are windows only meaning I will have to run them through Parallels.Would an air be adequate for these needs?

The short version:

* Is the Macbook Air keyboard ergonomically good enough to use the computer as your sole device for two years (assuming several hours/day of usage)?

* Is the Air powerful enough to run a fairly resource hungry software package like NVivo through Parallels?