Specific aspects of AirPlay


I am a baseball fan who is really enjoying Major League Baseball new 'At Bat 12' app for the iPad. The app is quite well done and is a smooth and a very good experience. The full version (via IAP) asks for a one time $15 fee to receive full news, highlights, standings and scores. With that fee, I also get one free ballgame each day that is picked at random. It is a great feature and for people who are more fantasy baseball oriented (myself), I often watch that game and don't care who plays. Also, I often use AirPlay with my iPad and will watch the highlights on my big screen via my two ATV2s.

Yet, what is peculiar is why AirPlay will function perfectly well with highlight videos, but then, it is completely unable to AirPlay up the free games. For such a well done app to have a fairly major feature be broken in a single particular way does not sound like a bug. It reeks of a very shortsighted, and dumb, executive decision to me. Please note that I can mirror my entire iPad screen to the TV and watch the game that way. Also, please note that MLB does have an Apple TV app but that requires a separate subscription to access the content and does not offer the free game a day that the app does.

I am asking you Verge readers, who probably have more development experience than me, whether this is a conscious decision by Major League Baseball or a bug issue. And if so, this seems like the kind of thing that Apple will hate. With so much of their television future invested in AirPlay, will Apple try fight against this kind of behavior?