Apple by the Numbers

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In the last 12 months Apple has made $142 Billion, the GDP of New Zealand. For every $1 you spend Apple makes $0.47. Apple has beaten Wall Street's estimates in 16 out of 17 of the last quarters. Profits rose 94% last quarter. Apple has $110.2 Billion in cash. They could buy Research in Motion ($13.59 B), Twitter ($8 B), Netflix ($4.6B), T-Mobile ($39 B), Adobe ($16 B), and Nokia ($6.85 B), and still have money left over. Apple stock since the launch of the iPhone has skyrocketed from $100 a share, to $600 a share. 75% of Apple's revenue comes from iOS devices. The iPhone is available in over 100 countries and over 230 carriers. 30% of US smartphone owners have an iPhone. 365 million iOS devices have been sold. So far 67 million iPads have been sold. iPad has a 62% market share, down from 87% in 2010. iPad sales are up 150% from last year. Currently there are 600,000 apps in the App Store. Only 18% are games. There are 895 new apps every day. There has been over 25 billion downloads. 47% of apps are free. 26% cost $0.99 and 11% cost $1.99. 30% if all app sales go to Apple. There is 125 Million iCloud users. Apple has over 30,000 employees. Every Apple Store gets over 18,000 visitors a week. There are currently 363 Apple Stores in 13 countries. Apple makes around $6,116 per square foot, 2x the amount of Tiffany & Co. and 7.6x Best Buy. 10,000 people applied to work at the Manhattan Apple Store. Only 200 were hired. The average Apple Store makes $50 Million. China makes up 20% of Apples Revenue.