Time for iOS to Change ?

iOS is a major platform.It is about to reach 5 year anniversary since its launch.iOS got 4 major updates starting from 2.0 to 5.0. Even though Android also has many versions (which got rebooted from button-UI to multitouch UI a year later), as time passed , each version looked different but iOS maintained same looks but improved a lot in functionality and also got optimization over each update.

Most people say android is much complex and requires some effort to use.One thing what keeps iOS away from other platforms is single button UI for primary operation , If u look at android or windows phone , they have 3 buttons at bottom along with center home button.I found 3 button UI much 'stable' to use because there is fixed button for going 'back' but in iOS , back button is there on UI itself , in safari back button is at bottom left , in menus (like settings or bookmarks) , back button is at top left , and for each app its different , for closing a popup sometime 'X' is located to top right or left , its bit 'unstable' and not uniform because for each 3rd party app also , its different to go to 'previous section'.

Widgets is another thing it misses.

Coming to 3rd party app integration.For example if i want to share something , In android , whichever app u install , u can share using that app , for example i have a photo and if i press share on it , i get a list of things (if i have only facebook app , it shows only facebook for selection , if i have 5-6 apps , then it shows 5-6 app names to share , number of items present in that share option change according to apps installed) , in iOS u find only twitter integration.So because of limited integartion in iOS , u have to jump between apps constantly by pressing home button 4-10 times(Gestures for iPad are exception). Windows phone has total integration whether u like it or not , no option to remove those.I am not love with android or hate apple , just saying few examples which iOS fallen sort of , Don't u think these small things count into user experience ? Do u like single-button UI ? I think atleast they must maintain uniform UI throughout their own apps first.....