Sony Z2 -> ?

I'm considering bugging out of VAIO's. Let's just say they pissed me off once too often. It's a 'considering' now, and I'm not irrevocably destined to take action but let's say I did.

Which brings up a problem. My main 'actually portable' notebooks are the Sony Z2's. The question is then, what are my alternatives in Europe?

The only machine to my knowledge in terms of an equivalent or better CPU (which is a non-negotiable must) would be the X230. I'm not the greatest fan of the general... well, Thinkpadness of the Thinkpad and while the claimed weight may be 1.3Kg, I'm going to assume given my experiences with the X201T and the X220 that real all-up weight in a practical configuration will be higher than that - and I'm looking for (well) under 1.3Kgs.

Other salient needs? The Sony gives me runtime options, which is also a non-negotiable must. The slice is genuinely useful to me, but while just travelling in town I don't use it - and I need the ability to tailor runtime (and consequent total weight) to usage. HP has similar options in concept but I don't believe anything they make meets the minimum weight criteria.

So what would my other options be? Budget isn't a problem but selection appears to be - in that while the market seems to be saturated with Macbook Air me-too's, there also appears to be slim pickings in the real flagship ultraportable segment...?

In terms of the former I recently picked up the Samsung NP900X3B out of curiosity and while I like it enough to make it a throwaround machine for use at home and for other stuff, it's the case that as a Macbook Air-a-like, it's not versatile enough for it to be my main carry.