Microsoft and Nokia's work on Windows Phone Tango devices, to lower device specification requirements, has led to the Lumia 610, a low-end handset primarily designed for emerging markets like China. Although it will be available in a number of other countries, Nokia's Lumia 610 is clearly designed to lower the entry point for potential Windows Phone customers and help entice shoppers who would typically opt for non-smartphone handsets. With plastic styling, 256MB of RAM, and an 800MHz processor, Nokia's latest Lumia is a far cry from its polycarbonate siblings — the 800 and 900 — but the handset will arrive in the UK on £15 ($23) per month contracts, making it an attractive offering for those curious about Windows Phone.

Do low specs, no forward facing camera, and controversial limitations for Windows Phones with 256MB of RAM matter though? Have Microsoft and Nokia compromised Windows Phone features and performance to create a true "entry level" handset? Read on to find out!