Bloomberg is reporting that several companies will use next week's Computex show in Taipei to reveal their Windows 8 tablets. According to the site's sources, we'll see an Intel-based tablet from Acer and a Toshiba tablet using a Texas Instruments ARM processor, along with Intel and ARM Windows 8 products from Asus. The Asus ARM tablet will reportedly be using a Tegra chip from Nvidia and use the same detachable keyboard form factor seen in the company's Transformer Android devices. Bloomberg also expects Qualcomm to demonstrate Windows RT running on a Snapdragon processor.

Asus has been whirring the fans of speculation itself by releasing a couple of teaser videos ahead of Computex that hint at the company's plans. The running theme seems to be duality, with one video going under the name "When Two Sides Unite" and another showing Windows and Android logos splitting off from the same droplet of water. This could refer to the company's strategy of running Windows 8 on Intel and ARM, or even a dual-booting Android and Windows machine. Whatever the case, it's certainly stoked our anticipation for the company's showing at Computex, and we'll be right there in Taiwan to bring you all the news as it happens.