How do you decide on games to buy?

(this post is about purchasing games. pirating games does not apply)

I recently switched to primarily PC for gaming. I've always been a console person, but the versatility, portability, and leniency of Steam has really won me over and I've been buying all my games on there recently. And I've noticed there seem to be three different kinds of people when it comes to picking games to buy:

  • The Conservative Fanboy: The people who only buy a few games per year, which are often part of a series already trusted by the customer. These are the people who might buy every Pokemon and Mario game released, and won't ever purchase another game without having played a demo or borrowed/rented it first. I have always been a lot like this for Sonic games.
  • The Realist: The people who tend to float between many genres, as long as the game is good. Every purchase is a thought-out decision, and the word of the review websites is well-respected.
  • The Connoisseur: This is the guy with hundreds of games in his Steam library. Often you'll see these bros doing review "shows" on YouTube, talking about whatever game came out this past week. I have a friend on Steam who I have yet to find a game that he doesn't already own.

I purchased Skyrim earlier this year, which is something I haven't done in years: buy a game that 1) isn't a Sonic game 2) isn't part of a series I already like, and 3) I have never tried before. It really changed how I consider video game purchases now, and since then, I have been buying more games for Steam and iOS because of how much I feel like I'm potentially missing out on.

How do you make your game-purchase decisions? Do you need to have an insatiable craving for it before you'll buy it, or do just buy games that peak your interest?