File type associations on a hybrid tablet device

One of the problems with having a hybrid desktop / tablet running Windows 8 (which I've been using for several months now) is that your default programs have to be the same whether you're in tablet or desktop mode.The Release Preview comes with two PDF readers preinstalled, one Metro app that's full screen and one traditional windowed desktop app. If I have the tablet docked, using it in desktop mode, chances are I want my PDFs to open with the traditional app so I can reference them while I compose an email or write some code. If I'm checking my email in tablet mode, however, I'd want those PDF attachments to open in the Metro app so they're easier to use on a touchscreen and I don't have to see the desktop.I wish that Windows 8 was intelligent enough to have different default programs depending on whether you're launching a file from the desktop or from a Metro app, but as of today that doesn't seem to be possible. I've only hit this problem with PDFs so far, but if you work with a lot of files I can see this becoming a significant problem for anyone who is trying to use a hybrid device instead of separate desktop and tablet devices.