If you're having trouble logging into Spotify this morning, you're not alone — the company just posted to its Twitter account that "most users" are unable to log in right now, though the company is already working on a fix. This appears to affect both mobile and desktop apps in the US and abroad, though we noticed that if you leave Spotify running perpetually, you should be unaffected. However, opening up the app now forces users into offline mode. We've reached out to Spotify for more details on this issue and when it might be fixed, and will let you know if we hear anything.

Update: Spotify just sent out a tweet saying that "some users" should be able to log in, "but we are still seeing errors." The restore has at least worked on our end, and Spotify says another update should be coming soon.

Update 2: Spotify's support account on Twitter now says that service has been "restored for all users," though there's no word on what exactly went wrong — let us know if you're still seeing issues.