We've known for nearly a year that MobileMe's days were numbered — back at WWDC '11, Steve Jobs introduced iCloud and put a bullet through its older and oft-reviled cloud syncing service. For those who haven't let go of MobileMe yet, Apple's start issuing firm reminders that its days are numbered, in the form of emails to users as well as iPhone alerts reminding users to start transitioning their data over to iCloud or prepare to see it vanish. Of course, not all of your MobileMe data is transferable to iCloud — most notably, photos in your MobileMe gallery, files on your iDisk, and any sites you've published using iWeb and your me.com domain will be gone for good on June 30th, so make sure you back it up using more conventional methods. If by chance your devices don't meet the iCloud system requirements (Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and WIndows 7 or Vista SP2), Apple will still let you transition over your email address. Don't say Apple didn't warn you — the clock is ticking.