What's in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. Show us your bag in this forum post. This week, we're featuring the esteemed Ross Miller.

In about three days, I'll be on plane heading to Los Angeles for E3, where I and a ragtag team of Verge editors (not to mention the entire Polygon army) will spend a week experimenting with coffee-flavored (trust me here) IV drips and checking out the latest cloud-enabled-motion-control-action-RPG-simulation-hybrid-with-future-DLC-and-mobile-ad-support. Or something. I won't be coming back until after Tim Cook's WWDC keynote, and in fact I'm only just unpacking from a quick trip to Dallas. It's not that I'm constantly traveling throughout the year, but when I do, it's usually in groups of four or more plane tickets.

Needless to say, during the in-between time I tend to let myself go, at least in terms of bag maintenance. But yes, also in terms of hygiene, thanks for noticing. What you see here is the period before a rush of travel appointments — a number of things are soggy around the midsection, as far as back storage accessories are concerned. I've since cleaned up my ways, gotten a haircut, read a book on something or another, but instead of showing you the fun and organized Ross, it felt more proper to air my dirty laundry.

Not literally, of course. Creighton refused to photograph that.