We've known this was coming for a while, but Microsoft has just added desktop apps to the release preview of the Windows Store in Windows 8. Unfortunately, these apps aren't fully installed and deleted through the Windows Store itself — these store listings are essentially glorified links from the developer out to the distribution site. All servicing and support of apps will go through the developer, with no involvement from Microsoft or the Windows Store. As we saw earlier, it seems this store will continue to focus mostly on the Metro experience, with desktop apps being a bit of an afterthought for now.

Microsoft also detailed a number of usability changes designed to make the store easier to navigate, including a new navigation bar meant to make it easier to return to the store's home as well as access your liste of purchased apps. There's also a new Metro-style bar in the download manager for pausing and canceling downloads. There's also an option for sharing apps with people in your contact list directly through the store interface. To go along with these changes, Microsoft also announced that the store is available in 26 markets, 21 more than in the consumer preview. While the interface updates sound like welcome changes, we do hope that desktop apps get further integrated into the store as time goes on.