Earlier this week, Tim Cook told users to "stay tuned" for deeper Facebook integration into iOS, and now TechCrunch is reporting that we can expect to see that integration for the first time when iOS 6 is introduced at WWDC next week. This has been a long time coming — both iOS 4 and Apple's much-maligned Ping music / social network service both were hinted to have Facebook integration in early versions, only to have the final product released without it. It's not entirely clearly yet exactly how this integration will look in its final form, but we expect that the Twitter / iOS integration that came in iOS 5 is probably a good indication — sharing photos, web links, locations, and other such content will likely be a lot easier if this integration comes to pass. This isn't a done deal yet, and won't be until Tim Cook makes it official, but all signs point to Twitter no longer being Apple's social network of choice.