Google recently updated Maps for Android to version 6.8 with new social features and Zagat scores, however it appears that the APK also includes hints to upcoming features. Android Police dug into the file and has discovered some assets and references that strongly imply two new features and likely more that are harder to nail down.

The first is a set of graphics, each beginning with the word "timeline" and each appearing to show progress on a map. There's a home icon, checkbox, briefcase ("timeline_work"), checkbox, and questionmark. The graphics are all referenced by xml files that suggest that there will be some sort of travel history feature. Google, of course, just today sent out invitations for an event next week called "The next dimension of Google Maps." Since Google already does 3D mapping, it's hard not to speculate that the "next dimension" here is time.

The second feature that is pretty clearly coming is a switch for Latitude. Currently, Google Latitude allows you to share your location with friends in an interface that lives only within Google Maps — meaning you select friends one-by-one. Files within the latest version of Google Maps for Android like "latitude_migrate_to_circles_welcome_dialog.xml" make it blisteringly obviously that Google will do to Latitude what Google has said it intended to do to as many products as possible: integrate it with Google+.

Beyond that, Android Police uncovered references to OpenTable, a bicycle layer (presumably for more bike-friendly routes), and some sort of coin stack graphics whose purpose is unclear. There's no indication of when any (or all) of these features may become available, but you can be sure we'll be at Google's event next Thursday, when we hope to find out more.