Are You a Pirate? Are you okay with piracy?

The Verge audience has been very vocal about wanting to keep their internet freedoms. I'm a tech guy, and I love the internet, so I understand that for the most part. But I also own a struggling business that wouldn't be struggling if it weren't for people stealing my content online. So, I have a few questions:

– Is the majority of the Verge audience pirating content?

– Is the the majority of the Verge audience cool with hard working people having their content stolen online?

If your answer to the second question is no, then what do you think is a realistic solution? Can you think of one that doesn't involve treating the internet as more than a dumb pipe? Can you think of a realistic solution that doesn't involve taking away at least a little bit of internet freedom?

We don't treat our roads as dumb pipes, allowing people to drive at whatever speeds they want. We limit their freedoms with speed limits and rules. It makes for a better and safer driving experience for everyone.

I'm starting to think that the internet goes into an uproar about any action to stop piracy because the people most vocal on the internet are the ones who are pirating content. Do you agree? If you are a pirate, I'd like to know how you justify the theft. If you aren't a pirate, but think content producers should be protected from piracy, how do you think we can accomplish that? What's the solution that would make internet-freedom folks happy, too?