Smart watches are the type of device where you may hesitate to reach for the credit card without trying one out first. Thankfully that just became much easier to do in the case of Sony's SmartWatch, as the Android-based wrist accessory is now available at Verizon Wireless. The largest US carrier is selling Sony's smartphone companion both online and at retail locations for the hefty sum of $149.97. Assuming you've got a compatible handset — and can put up with the device's unintuitive software — the SmartWatch will keep you posted on calls, texts, and the latest news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. App selection has also expanded since our review, with around 60 applications now customized for the watch's 1.3-inch display. And while you'll find a black strap in the box, Verizon will also be offering additional colors to make coherence with your wardrobe an easier task.