In my opinion no new macs at WWDC

I just want to put this out there before people start frothing at the mouth.

1. Apple never releases more than one product time at a time when they can stagger their release. This creates continuing tech news buzz and maintains free advertising. It means they can dominate headlines for weeks.

2. WWDC is not about hardware. Its about Software.

3. WWDC this year is shorter than usual - If they had brand spanking new products they would spend hours singing the virtues of all of them. This is very un apple like to compress the time.

4. I reckon iOS6 is a big deal. Lets face it iOS needs progression. This will take time to go through and explain. PLus Appletv is going to get its own app store. This all needs time.

I think macs will get quiet releases in the weeks to months following this event. Who knows I may be wrong but I don't want every one to be disappointed yet again.