Why Windows 8 is more like Vista than Windows 7

First, let me state for the record that I Love Windows 8 and Metro. My 12 year old son and I have setup Windows 8 on a 7 year old 64bit HP L-2000 and it looks AWESOME. He and I both use Windows Phone 7.5 and it's really cool to see all our stuff show up on the Start "Dashboard".

Recently, I tried to install Windows 8 Release Preview on another 64bit Desktop Computer currently running Windows 7 Professional, and that was a NIGHTMARE. First, the installation took many HOURS to install. After reading through the Microsoft troubleshooting forum, I saw a post about needing to disconnect ALL of my peripherals before the installation could complete and this actually did solve the problem. But once the software loaded, it did not act normal and was EXTREMELY buggy. This from a RELEASE Preview on a 3 year old machine.

As an AVID reader of the Verge and other forums, I am starting to understand the concerns about Windows 8 Metro:

1. People who don't like Metro say that the Experience is "Jarring." While I sort of understand what they were saying, no one actually articulated what they meant, so let me try. The Navigation system of the Desktop is predominantly VERTICAL. We open windows and Scroll Up and Down. In addition, all the navigation generally stays within the same window. That's why mice have scroll wheels.

However, Metro...the Dashboard, uses a predominantly HORIZONTAL navigation system where you "travel across a window, Left to Right, using a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. Since I use a stationary Trackball, this doesn't bother me, but a person who has been using a Mouse with a scroll wheel for the last 10 years is going to "FREAK OUT."

2. I want to SCREAM out to Microsoft... "It's all about the DRIVERS." As a recovering Macintosh fanboy, I was blown away by the look and feel of Vista. Finally, I thought, Microsoft has a user interface that could compete against the MacOS, but when I went to install it, the DRIVER problems were horrendous. So, I had to wait for Windows 7.

I am now EXPERIENCING the exact same thing with Windows 8 Release Preview... and I am not alone. I am AMAZED that Microsoft would dramatically introduce a New UI while completely disrupting the Drivers underneath.

Personally, I WANT this operating system to do well. I must tell you that it is BEAUTIFUL to run on a Computer, Xbox, and Phone (3 screens and a cloud) but if Microsoft doesn't get this driver issue resolved ASAP, people are going to blame the problems on the new UI and not the underlying infrastructure, and that will suck.

What are your thoughts?