It will be called what Apple wants to call it.

those of you with an iPhone 4s in your pocket already have an iPhone "5"

You've read this before. Many times. A simple statement pushing forth the idea that iPhone names are decided based on which version number they are.

So who said that specific quote doesn't matter to this discussion. Loads of people have said it. My only question is why is this always bandied about on the internet like some lucky Apple fans have discovered a priceless nugget of logical proportions and who must share it with the world lest people think Apple does something ridiculous and name the next iPhone the iPhone 5. Ludicrous!

Here's the deal.

iPhone. Is not called the iPhone 1.

iPhone 3G. Is not called the iPhone 2.

iPhone 3GS. Is not called the iPhone 3.

iPhone 4. Is called the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S. Is not called the iPhone 5.

What does this tell us? That the naming system is not based on 1, 2, 3, even 4, or, 5. It is based on what Apple thinks defines the product and what the consumer can easily understand. As in 3GS comes after 3G, but is also the 3G with an added something (Speed, I remember being used as the reasoning by some at the time) that makes it the 3GS. It's the equivelent of others adding an Xtreme to the end of the product to denote that it is the better or best edition for now.

Consumer understanding and product definability in a nutshell.

So in other words, with our limited knowledge of what the sixth iPhone may be called, iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 or just the iPhone are all legitimate possibilities.

I do think that it will probably be be called the iPhone (2012). In fact I am hoping it will be just to shut people up about the subject for all eternity. I include myself in that. But there's nothing to suggest that Apple would be unwilling to call it the iPhone 5 because it's the sixth iPhone. And everything to suggest that Apple will put consumer recognition first and foremost above a logical numbering consistency that never existed in the first place except in the minds of geeks on the internet. As they always have.

So once again.

those of you with an iPhone 4s in your pocket already have an iPhone "5"

No! Those of you who have an iPhone 4S in your pocket already have an iPhone 4S in your pocket. It happens to be the fifth iPhone, but as Apple has shown time and time again, that doesn't matter when it comes to the name.

And there's not a single thing to suggest that it will begin to finally start mattering greatly this time around and everything to suggest that it will not matter at all.

iPhone (2012).