After Tim Cook publicly telegraphed that he thought Apple and Facebook could work together, it should come as no surprise that he has announced that iOS 6 will feature Facebook integration. Rumors detailing what the Facebook integration would look like indicated that it would essentially be another sharing option, like Twitter. Based on what was shown on stage today at WWDC, that's exactly what Apple has in mind, plus a bit more.

Facebook and iOS are even deeper integrated than Twitter, bringing full integration for calendar events, birthdays, as well as contact emails and phone numbers inside your Calendar and Contacts apps that always stay updated. And of course, you can also share things like links, pictures, high scores (from Game Center), apps, and even your location (via the Maps app). If you want to send a quick Tweet or Facebook status, you can do so straight from the Notification Center drop-down window. Facebook's granular privacy settings are present in the sharing window prompt, letting you share with Friends, Public, or any other Lists you have set up within Facebook.

Like with Twitter, Facebook gets its own API within iOS so developers can integrate Facebook log-in credentials without you having to approve apps each time they ask for permissions. The social network also ties in with Siri for sharing status updates, as well as with your Mac within OS X's "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" screen for syncing with iCal and your Address Book. Integration with OS X will only come when iOS 6 launches in the fall. Lastly, Facebook "Likes" have also been fully integrated into the App Store and iTunes Store so it's easy to see which friends have liked apps, movies, TV shows, and albums you are considering purchasing.

Tagging Facebook friends within pictures isn't present in iOS 6's new Facebook integration, but thanks to Facebook's recent Camera app launch, tagging friends isn't nearly as sluggish an experience as it used to be.

Developing. Check out our Apple WWDC liveblog for the latest updates!