Apple has just revealed its new line of 2012 MacBook Pro laptops, upgrading them to Intel's Ivy Bridge processors and Nvidia's new Kepler-based GeForce GT 650M graphics. All new models are shipping today.

The big highlight of today's show is actually the introduction of a so-called next-generation MacBook Pro with an incredible 2880 x 1800 display, however that's happening quite aside from Apple's regular hardware refresh. You'll still find your usual 13-inch MBP with a 1280 x 800 screen, only now it has a new 2.5GHz Core i5 processor as the base spec, upgradeable to a 2.9GHz Core i7 chip. Regrettably, only Intel's integrated HD Graphics 4000 are listed for the 13-inch model. Prices start at $1,199 as previously.

Moving up to the 15-inch 2012 MacBook Pro, you'll get access to quad-core Core i7 parts, 2.3GHz or 2.6GHz in base speed, plus the aforementioned GT 650M graphics chips, either with 512MB or 1GB of VRAM on board. A seven-hour battery life is listed alongside each of the models, and the starting price is $1,799.

Taking it all in, we're really getting both of the scenarios forecast before the event: a straight refresh to Ivy Bridge hardware and the latest graphics chips — a welcome return for Nvidia to Apple's hardware portfolio after it was shut out last year — and the crazy super-specced new machine that everyone's been waiting for. To learn more about the next-gen MacBook Pro laptop, check out our coverage of its full specs and details.

Interestingly, there's been no mention of the 17-inch MacBook Pro yet. Is that model being retired, perhaps? We'll endeavor to find out more about its peculiar absence from this latest hardware refresh.

Update: It's now been confirmed: the 17-inch MacBook Pro has been discontinued.

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