As per usual, Apple kicked off its WWDC keynote with some stats on the company's performance in recent months, and the news is unsurprisingly upbeat. For starters, CEO Tim Cook gave us some updates on the App Store — there's over 400 million registered store accounts, up from 225 million at WWDC 2011. The App Store is now home to over 650,000, with over 225,000 made specifically for the iPad. That's up from 425,000 apps last year, with some 90,000 specifically designed for the iPad.

Probably the biggest number Cook shared was the whopping 30 billion apps downloaded in all since the store launched in 2008 — up from the 14 billion downloads Apple touted at WWDC 2011. Cook also announced that Apple has paid out over $5 billion to developers (that's up from $2.5 billion announced at last year's WWDC) and that the App Store is now available in 152 countries.