Scott Forstall is out to introduce iOS 6, but first he's giving some details on the state of the platform. He took a moment to note the state of the iOS installed base compared to Android — about 80 percent of iOS users are running iOS 5, while a similar percentage of Android users are running 2.3 Gingerbread (which we know is well over a year old) — he also noted how only about seven percent of Android users are currently running the most current Android version. All in all, some 365 million iOS devices have been sold as of March 30th this year.

Apple is also pushing out tons of messages and notifications — there's some 140 million iMessage users, who have sent 150 billion messages in total (with an average of one billion sent every day). There has also been about 10 billion tweets sent through iOS 5, and nearly half of all photos come from iOS 5 users. Even Game Center appears to be widely used by iOS customers — there's 130 million total accounts, with five billion scores submitted every week.