Follow up to my "should i buy a mac or a win8 laptop"

As i posted a few weeks earlier, my dilemma, at that point in time my primary constraint was operating system adaptibility (mine), and I felt that with $1500 (my spending limit, which put me in reach of the Macbook Pro), I could afford to splurge on a decently specced MBP 13".

However with today's announcement, with the MBP13 only getting a simple processor boost, and everything else remaining the same, and the only true drool-worthy next gen MBP being the $2200+tax new MBP 15 (so that is totally out of the question, unless someone wants to buy a kidney), my questions would be;

Do I buy the Ivy bridge 13" MBP knowing that now and in the coming months, new win7/win8 laptops, some of which are already pound for pound, better specced than this particular model (everything except the casing...even though some are showing some "almost" equally desirable build quality) can be had for much much less?

My $1500 which I had set aside for a macbook, seemed comfortably adequate just a few weeks ago. Now it doesn't feel so anymore. Especially if i'm going to be buying a 1280X800 resolution macbook, that doesn't even sport a top of the line design in the apple ecosystem anymore.

what do you guys think?