One of the more minor features in Apple's refresh of iOS 6 is a trio of refreshed storefronts — the App Store, the iBookstore, and the iTunes Store will all sport a new look when iOS 6 launches this fall. Probably the biggest new feature will relate to the already-announced Facebook integration in iOS and Mountain Lion; you'll be able to see which of your friends "liked" specific apps as part of the new reviews area as well as "like" an app yourself right from the store. There's also a new "preview" tracking features — everything you sample is kept in a preview list, which you can then purchase directly from. Of course, your preview list is synced across devices using iCloud.

The stores have also gotten a little graphic facelift, with a larger Cover Flow style banner at the top for the iPad and edge-to-edge images on the iPhone. And despite the new Facebook integration, it looks like Ping will surprisingly live on — in Apple's press image, there's a tiny Ping icon in the iPad's store dock. There's not much else to go on for now, but we'll surely see more of Apple's redesigned storefronts in the coming months.

Thanks themir!