We've been digging through the iOS 6 screenshots that were leaked to us earlier today for more details and found an interesting tidbit among them — TomTom is one of the main providers of mapping data in Apple's brand-new Maps application. When you flip back the iOS map to reach the setting menu, it clearly says that data comes from TomTom and "others" who aren't specified on that screen. Looking at the full attributions list for Apple's Maps app shows a whole number of other mapping companies providing data (including OpenStreetMap, who started providing data for iPhoto on iOS earlier this year) — but TomTom is the only company that gets full branding directly in the app itself. Of course, there's no Google data to be found in Apple's new mapping solution.

Update: We thought it was worth noting that both Apple and Nokia are using C3 for their 3D map renderings — a company that Apple purchased last fall. However, Navteq provides most of Nokia's mapping services, while Apple is obviously using TomTom. Another interesting wrinkle is that Nokia is now paying Apple for a license for its 3D mapping services. Don't let anyone tell you that the mobile software licensing landscape isn't a rather complex place.

Update 2: TomTom has confirmed that Apple is licensing its maps and related information under a global agreement, but that "no further details of the agreement will be provided."