Macbook Pro Retina vs. iMac

Like most of you, I was blown away by the new Macbook Pro Retina, but I was left dissapointed when it became clear that Apple had no intention of similar upgrades to its iMac lineup. You see, I'm in the market for a new machine at work and our fiscal year is closing up at the end of the month. That means we have some cash to throw at a shiny new computer (and boy do I need it) but now I don't know which way to go.

I'm a video producer and I spend most of my days on Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X. Needless to say, I require a lot of computing power. I had hoped to get an iMac, but now I'm thinking the lower end MacBook Pro retina is a better deal.

I know the processors in the iMacs are desktop versions which are more powerful than their laptop counterparts, but enough to overcome the sandy bridge/ivy bridge divide?

Any spec heads out there who can help me figure this out? What would you choose?