The screen arms race, what is really important?

I saw the new macbook lineup and while most of it is completely underwhelming, the new retina 15" is VERY impressive. That resolution on a laptop is pretty insane, and even beats out the 27" 2560x1440p resolution monitor I got not too long ago. But I have to wonder if that is really the frontier companies should push the edges on?

I have the hp envy 15, and while the resolution is not as high as my desktops screen or those new macbooks, it's still very nice and usable. I feel zero need for a higher resolution than 1080p on this 15." Further, given the choice of working for extended periods of time on my home screen vs the new macbook with the retina display, I am certain I'd rather work on a 27" screen, even if the 15" had the higher resolution. Size has some value.

So if resolution bumps are not the be all and end all of pushing the edges of screen tech what is? For me it would be contrast in addition to higher resolutions.

My idealized screen could produce blacks as deep as a perfect black body of the sort talked about in chemistry and quantum mechanics classes, and could produce whites as bright as a noon day sun.

Samsung will probably be the first computer manufacturer to come out with a notebook with ultra high contrast with some oled notebook panels since they seem to be in the lead there, but then how would whites fair?

If you had the choice between a retina display 15" screen at stated resolutions vs some samsung oled panel at 1080p, which would you prefer?

Let's say we held color accuracy on both to be similar, as well as similar longevity on the oled screens (a stretch, but needed to normalize the question asked), the primary differentiator is simply ultra high resolution, vs high resolution with ultra high contrast and deep blacks.