Why I Can't Get Into The Apple Macbook

Been looking over the new Macbooks and such and I realised why I just can't get into Apple stuff: Great products, premium prices

I'm always wondering how students are able to afford Macbooks. These prices are high. Don't get the wrong impression. These are great laptops with great design and battery life but how do people afford this?

The lowest price for the new Macbooks start at $999. I can't touch that range. I imagine the average price range for students going into university is between $500 and $900. Maybe I'm wrong and most students are stinking rich and I just haven't realized it.

If you're in Apple's price range, go and ahead and upgrade and enjoy your new products. But what do you other guys think? I think Apple could crush the other competitors if their price range was lower.


Update: So I decided to change the original headline because I wanted to specifcally talk about the Macbook. Thanks for replies. Great insights