Choices, choices...

Man, am I in love with that retina Macbook Pro, and I haven't even seen it in person yet! Still, it's effective resolution (real estate) of 1440x900 has me a bit disappointed. This has put me in a nerd's doomsday scenario: choosing the right machine or set-up.

I'm a photographer-in-spe, so that new resolution would be lovely, but my main objective in higher resolutions has always been real-estate. And not really because I need it that much, I'm a power user allright but I have my own ways (I'm one of those full screen-ing people), still this feeling of space seems more beautiful to me than sharpness.

Another thing would be portability, it's a laptop after all. This points me towards the Macbook Air, save for it's loss in performance. But does that matter all that much? Do I need that much power on the road? I mean, I could get the processing power and real estate I'm clamoring for in an 27" iMac (or the beastly desktop machine I already own, but this way I wouldn't be contributing much towards the economy. Plus, I need a new display), and get something like an 11" Air for when I'm on the go. I could also get either the Retina or Non-Retina Macbook Pro and use my iPad when it would be too big.

Actually, going deeper into this, when a 15" laptop is too big what would I need it for? For example, on the bus/train I wouldn't be doing any photo/video editing or playing any games. No, I would be doing some light browsing, reading my emails and all of that. It's what my phone does, I'm not whipping out a laptop for that stuff. On prolonged travels where I would at least do some heavy browsing and maybe play a RTS or something I'm expecting to have a higher level of comfort, and so size wouldn't be a problem. But nor is performance (my inner geek disagrees).

So where does that leave me? First of all there's the choice of machine, either the 15" Pro or the 11" /13" Air. If I were to go for the Pro then I'd be able to do whatever I want, nearly wherever I want. With the Air I'd get ultimate portability. Both give me an annoying bunch of choices as well, with the Air the size or the resolution (they bumped the 13" to 1440x900) and with the Pro the clarity versus the real estate.

So I was wondering, what would you do?