How stable is iOS 5 beta 1?

I am NOT a developer, and I've run every iOS beta starting with iOS 3.0 beta 1. I am NOT interested in lectures, I've been running these betas for years, and I know all the consequences. Some have been stable for daily use, some have been absolute fukcing nightmares! IOS 5 betas were pretty good overall.

Anyway, as a rule of thumb I won't put any of the new betas on my iPhone, just my iPad. I can sort of live if my iPad dies, but I certainly can't live without my phone.

Any word yet on anyone running iOS 6, more precisely on the new iPad. Is it sluggish? Is there anything that just absolutely doesn't work? I'm going away on my honeymoon in about a month, and I rely on my iPad for vacation, so I am slightly more hesitant to dive in head first this time than I have been in the past.

Anyone know of a way to go from iOS 6 back to iOS 5, just in case I need to downgrade?

Again spare me the lectures. I've been doing this for years. I know what I'm getting into.