Why does it always, take Apple?

I'm just blurting out my thought so that others more pondered and enlightened than me can relieve me of my...cerebral tension.

Why does it nearly always take Apple, for any significant beneficial change to occur, in.....well, whatever product categories they're producing in?

For example: 'retina displays'. For YEARS laptop screens have had the possibility to ramp up their resolution, if they really wanted to (right?? or am I wrong, is it recent advances in display technology that have been needed as well?), but they never did, and now that Apple has done it and transfigured it into something else with their glorious legendary marketing machine, everyone else is going to latch on and everything's going to be 'retina' from 2013/14 onwards.

If I am right in my observation (and it's not more complicated than I'm observing), then why is it like this in this industry?

Does this show a lack of confidence/leadership/care on the part of other technology companies, or is it that no one else flat-out cares about product experience as much as Apple and they're now fortunately in a unique position to be influential over the whole industry?

WHY are super hi-res screens suddenly so hot (and amazing)? Wouldn't they have been amazing 3 years ago??

WHAT is it?

And WHEN are the verge staff ever going to have accurate vergecast entries in their google calendar???

So many questions.