Amazon has just released its Cloud Player app for iOS devices, allowing iPhone and iPod users to play music stored in their Amazon Cloud Drive. The new Cloud Player app looks just like Amazon's Kindle app, and is available now in the App Store. While Amazon will have to face some stiff competition from Apple's own music ecosystem, its new service could be an interesting proposition even for those embedded in iTunes: the Cloud Player app pulls in an iPhone or iPod's local library in addition to music stored in the cloud, so it could be a suitable replacement for iTunes and Apple's own music app. Unfortunately users can't buy music from within the Cloud Player app, and that's not likely to change as long as Apple reaps a hefty chunk of every in-app sale on its platform. Amazon is also offering unlimited space for MP3 and AAC music files for a limited time for those who purchase any of its storage plans, though it currently offers 5GB of storage for free for all customers.