Introducing Dave Tach


Hi. It's me, Dave. Dave Tach. You know: Polygon's new reporter.

I got my start as a baby. After that, I tried being a kid. I was great at getting into constant (if minor) trouble, and my dad relished blaming THAT GODDAMN NINTENDO! that fed into the 13" TV in the playroom. Warp ahead a few decades, and you'll find a one-time English major who ambled through a decade working at a bank. Obviously.

During my lost decade, I wrote novella-length emails to my poor friends from the cold comfort of my fluorescent-bathed cubicle. After only eight years and dozens of these earnest manifestos, it occurred to me that writing at every opportunity wasn't precisely coincidental. I was doing what I loved, pecking at keyboards and on glass wherever I could.

And I never stopped playing those damned videogames.

That realization changed things, so I grabbed a machete (English major's metaphor!) and hacked myself a new path.

Here's what's so exciting: This is the dawn of a revolution. Polygon is our tabula rasa. From the very beginning, Polygon granted itself the permission to take all of the literary elements of our beloved industry seriously. Working at Polygon is like being an English major who isn't afraid to admit owning a TV.

Not only are we dedicated to bringing you the most accurate, timely and insightful daily news, but we accompany it with penetrating reviews and features encompassing not simply the games being built but the craftsmen building them and the industry that surrounds us. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Polygon was going to mirror my daily stream-of-consciousness no matter what clearing I reached. Now, I have the honor of being an active participant, and this is the organization that I'm proud to call my new home.

Dad passed away a few years back, but I'm sure he'd be proud to learn that it all seems to have worked out.

The water's warm, and the pool's massive. There's room for everyone here at the dawn of the revolution of games journalism and mixed metaphors.

I'm as happy to have you here as I am to serve you.