MBA Choice Dilemma . . .

I have decided to pick up a MacBook Air. I would be using it for programming in Objective-C, and Python/HTML/JavaScript/CSS/Django, plus the normal web surfing, and light garageband use. After yesterdays WWDC, I have come up with these options:

  • Buy a refurb 11inch 2011 2gb RAM core i5 MBA for $760. Considerably cheaper price point is the big advantage.
  • Get the new Air, cheapest config (Ivy Bridge, 4gb are the big plus for me), on the Student Discount. That's $950, plus a $100 itunes gift card because of the Back to School Promotion.

I'd definitely prefer the first one because of the lower price point, but will 2GB of RAM be enough? Even for just some Web Development?

Any comments would be helpful!