Offline: @TheVerge

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate TheVerge for supporting such an idea(regardless of how good or bad it is..) from one of it's employees.. That is just wonderful.!!
I do have a question though... What does Paul do at TheVerge other than write these 'Offline' features once in a while?
...and I have some feedback too... After every 'Offline' feature, I'm left with the exact same thought.."So, that's another problem you need to deal with if you don't use the internet"... That gets monotonous after a while.. In fact it already is...!
What could be done differently is, Instead of writing entire articles with the Offline theme, Paul could continue writing features/articles just like anyone else at TheVerge about 'technology or tech culture or culture culture' ;)
...and then include snippets of your offline experience in them(.. like you had to bike 2 miles to the library to find out about a thing or something like that..)