Learning how to Ride the Metro

I think as we get closer to the RTM and release of Windows 8 that someone needs to sit down with designers and developers and talk about the need for well design applications. I say this because I want Microsoft to avoid an issue Android has with developers not redesign applications for tablet form factors. I know why, Android apps can fit the screen well, but it misses the point of tablets. Now Windows 8 won't necessarily have those issues but it could have something similar with developers sticking strictly with the templates. The templates work, but if a developer doesn't really work at it, it can be a mediocre experience.

So my hope and this platform's need is to get people to understand Metro's principles. But also to understand that they aren't set in stone. And that they (developers) need to interact with and use designers and User experience experts. Right now if you want experiences that exemplify Metro they happen on iOS (think Paper and Flipboard).

I cringe looking at the some of the Tiles created for Windows Phone; its like someone couldn't be bothered. Metro Tiles are still icons and they still need to be designed. Developers need to remember that Metro is just not bright colors, text, and a square. Metro is deceptively easy; it's easy to get wrong.

All I'm saying is that the Microsoft developer world needs to embrace design; I don't care what they may think of Metro, I know they don't want to become Apple houses.

So here's the ticket and grab a seat.

Here's a video with Steve Kaneko (MSFT Director of Design on Metro and Microsoft Design