Google Voice Desktop App?

I'm a big user of Google Voice (don't even have a text plan) and I love it. The best about it is that is allows me to make calls and texts from my computer (with Gmail Calling).

However, the big problem is that in order to use Google Voice, I have to use my browser.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get a Gmail Calling/Google Voice client application for my desktop (for both Mac and PC)?

I've been able to find plenty of applications that allow me to do Google Voice texting, but they don't allow me to make phone calls. (I can initiate a call and have it go through gmail or my phone, but that defeats the purpose)

It has to be possible. On Android, there is an App called GrooveIP that can make phone calls. On iOS, i've been able to use an app called Tapatalk Talkatone. Maybe someone knows a way to use those apps on the desktop?