Best Laptop/Notebook for $1400 or lower?

I was going to buy a MBP 13" Ivy Bridge, for 1200+tax but the solitary processor update left me a little cold.

Then I saw a Sony Vaio S 15.5" Quad core Ivy Bridge with a 1080p screen, 2Gb Nvidia graphics, Bluray, 4lb Magnesium body etc etc for $1400 at the Sony Store plus a free Playstation 3/or Vita, not to mention the Sony 13" Vaio T ultrabooks with 32gb SSD+500GB HDD and Ivy Bridge, The HP envy 15/ and 14 spectre, or the rock solid Samsung series 7 14" for like $1000 so it got me thinking... what else is out there for this price range? and what is the absolute best in this price range? Mac or PC either will do.

Also Ivy Bridge (U) Low voltage vs (M) Regular Voltage processors? My needs arent super intensive, but i'd like to be able to stream music, browse about 10 tabs, youtube and Word process simultaneously without grinding to a halt.

Throw your suggestions this way boys, i need a new machine within a month, within the week if possible and it has to last me until 2014 :) I'm still partial to the MBP 13" but it's because its the only mac i can afford, and while i would prefer to try it for the sake of trying new things, It may not be the most sound critical thinking considering the cost vs value issues.