17 inch, or not to 17 inch, that is the question.


I LOVE my 17 Macbook Pro from 2009. It has been with my through a lot. So did Apple really kill off this size for good?

I undertand the arguments why it's silly. "It is bulky, and to big to be portable." "With the new retina display you have about the same screen space. Therefore dont need a 17 inch screen." and so on.

But I'm a big guy,and a designer. Someone who isn't always tied down to a desk, and working on anything smaller then my 17" just leves me feeling cramped in several ways. From the size of the screen, all the way down to the fact that 15.4 inches (the width of my MBP) is the same distance that my knees stand when I am sitting comfortably, there by my laptop sitting perfectly on my lap.

So I ask you. Am I out dated. do i need to just get over it, and move on from my love of this form factor? Or is there something to this love I have of my 17 inch MacBook Pro? Will Apple pull what they did back in 2008, I think it was, where a few months after announcing the new unibody MBP they announce the 17 inch? your thoughts?

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