RIM may be busy crafting BlackBerry 10 and its next generation of devices, but the BlackBerry PlayBook isn't going completely neglected. Businesscat2000, over on the CrackBerry Forums, has posted multiple videos of a rather incredible feat he has achieved: porting iOS apps to run on the PlayBook OS. His initial claim has been met with a wave of dubiety and skepticism, as it should be given the general difficulty of porting anything iOS-related, but he has silenced the doubters by porting over an iPhone-only app sent to him directly by CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk, getting it up and running on the PlayBook within an hour. We've also seen the iOS versions of Tiny Tower, TomTom's navigation app, and a number of others demonstrated.

Unfortunately, none of this looks likely to produce an easy solution for PlayBook owners to start downloading and installing iOS apps to their QNX-powered tablet — and the resolution right now is the somewhat ancient 480 x 320 — but this is definitely an impressive technical feat, whether it makes living with RIM's PlayBook any easier or not.