Retina Display MacBook Pro review release?

Is there any idea of *roughly* when the Retina MacBook Pro review will be out? Obviously it takes *at least* a few days of using a product before it can get a published review, would be good to know an estimate of when the review will be up :-)

Wasnt it sold as soon as the keynote finished? I saw on the New Zealand Apple site the wait jumped to 2-3 weeks, checking tonight, its now 3-4 weeks. There was an initial batch of sales thats been processed, and now everyone has to wait for the second batch?

I'm looking forward to the "Live in Chicago" Vergecast, to hear The Verge crew's take on what seems to be the laptop of everyones dreams. When money isnt really an issue, 2.7K USD for the base version here in New Zealand, a little less in the US, it sounds like it would be *the* official laptop of The Verge!

It really is a MacBook Air at 15 inches - surely you guys wont find it "offputting" because its 15.4 "instead of the 13 we dreamt of"? :-)

Beautiful metal and glass, unbelievably thin, a screen so perfect that I cant even begin to imagine what text and vector graphics will look like on it, ultra fast Flash storage.....*THE THING HAS FREAKING HDMI AND USB3*........totally unexpected on a Mac......the absolute best of all possible worlds.....seems like The Verge will go nuts for this thing, even the token Windows user or two will simply install Windows 7 and the latest prerelease Windows 8 on it?

I hope its not a couple of weeks before we get to see the big review :-)

Thank you all for your time, and your great website, you're truly, to use a Topolsky-ism, "crushing it" :-)