Windows Phone 8 4.7" UI concept

The June 20th Windows Phone event is coming up and I'm now posting my Windows Phone 8 concept that I've been working on for some time. I'm currently a Windows Phone user and a pretty happy one. Metro has intrigued me with it's fluid animations, fast response and flat modern look but I think there's a lot of thing that MS can improve to make it even better.

As most of you know, there has always been something missing in the OS. At first it was copy & paste. Then it was multitasking. And now the main thing missing is the exciting high-end hardware which Android and iOS users enjoy. My hope is that the new Apollo update will eliminate this problem and finally make Windows Phone a true competitor to Google's and Apple's popular OS's. With my I concept I wanted to illustrate how a Windows Phone could look on a high-end 4.7" 1280x720 device like the HTC One X or Samsung GSIII. The look is highly influenced by Windows 8 which I currently use as my main desktop operating system.

Update: I personally agree with some of the other who've commented: it looks kind of cluttered. I'm convinced that the UI designers at MS can do much better job than me, since I'm not a UI-designer and this is my first concept. I didn't illustrate the solutions that I found most convenient and realistic. I was just curious on how UI designers work to implement drastically new features into an already established OS. I found out it was really hard :p. Only a couple of days left till June 20th! Can't wait to see what they've done with the OS!

Home screen

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The color of the tiles are unique to every app just like in Windows 8, though user can enable a sort of "classic" mode in settings which forces a user specified color to all tiles. Tiles can be arranged in groups which makes it easier for users to find their favorite apps. The background can be set to a custom image or color.

3 tile columns?! But that will make the tiles too small!

Well, actually the tiles won't be much smaller than they already are on a current 3.7" device, as you can see in the above picture. On smaller WP8 devices there will still be 2 columns.

Semantic zoom & folders

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Just like in Windows 8, you will be able pinch on the home screen to get an overview of your groups. This will allow you to arrange, rename and create new groups and it also works as a quick way to jump between group that are located high up and low down on your home screen. Users can also create folder in order to keep the list from getting too long. There's still an "all apps" section one swipe away.

Charms & buttonless devices

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Swiping in from the bottom will bring up the charms bar. There are three charms: Share, home and search. The back-button has been removed completely which means developers will have to put back-buttons inside their apps. If the app hasn't been updated with a back-button, swiping your finger to the right on the charms bar will also work, but just as a temporary solution. A settings charm could also be located to the right of the search charm and a swipe would reveal it, but I'm not completely sure if that's a good solution. The old three-dots menu which is used in many apps will no longer be revealed by a swipe. Instead, users will have to tap the three dots.


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Works very much like it does in Windows 8. Swipe in from the top to go through the open apps, one-by-one. Swipe and then swipe back up to reveal a horizontally scrollable list of thumbnails. Apps can be locked in the list so they don't get automatically terminated by the OS.

Your thoughts

I've shown you my concept now I want to hear your thoughts on it. Could you see Microsoft going with something like this, or will the visual changes be more minor?