2011 Macbook Air owners: I need your help.

It is very possible that I could be getting a new computer soon. I know this isn't the most original comment, but I'm not sure if the Air or the Pro would suit my needs better.

As of now, all i do on my computer is download some files, browse the web, and play minecraft while skyping. In the future however I think I'll be working with photoshop a lot more, and doing some more creating.

So 2 questions:

1.) how does the 2011 MBA handle programs like Photoshop? I would be getting the 2012 MBA, so it will presumably be even quicker.

2.) I really don't know that much about photoshop. How much storage would i need? I've been looking at the 256GB model. I don't really know if the 512 GB model would be necessary, or be completely over the top.