The PC's Retina Problem (or Lack thereof)

It's always an event when Apple releases a new hardware product. We get the video with Jony Ive waxing poetically about the design process; and scenes of the device shot as if we were looking at a model. Hardware porn at its finest. Next we are treated to the various reviews of said device; words like magical and revolutionary are used (and that just Mossberg).

Now it's been a few months and Acer/Asus/HP/Dell have a new device for review. And at some point the reviewer will return to whatever Apple device that came out previously (I know its more complicated than that, but it happens). Now somewhere in the summary we get the pluses of the device but ultimately it's okay (but its not a iDevice/MacBook X).

So it has been and so it will be with the newest object of computing desire, the MacBook Pro with Retina. Now let's be real Apple does set the standard for hardware; they have the ability to warp metal like magicians. And whatever new feature they add, we lust after.

And like anything we lust after, anything else pales in comparison.

And that's the issue with PC's and PC OEMs.

What the tech reviewers (and users) want is for the PC industry to collectively get off their asses and give us what we see in the Apple presentation. It's a situation they will fail.

See we want them to chase Apple, they want to chase Apple, and Apple wants them to chase them; because they now they can't keep up and it keeps them from stopping and thinking.

Apple has put in work to streamline its production to where they can create device they want; they ensure they have the materials, the chips. Most OEMs have to wait their turn (and most of it will be property of Apple Inc).

At some point they need to stop chasing Apple or at least really study them. And not just look at their strengths but their weaknesses. Companies like HP have the same type production power, but don't use it. We are getting copycats because we want them

And that needs to change, or improve.

The PC Makers' problem is that they don't see themselves as being in the consumer market; or that part of their job is to make using Windows and Android truly great experiences.

Steve Jobs came back to Apple with the goal of not competing with Microsoft, but with the OEM's. Where is the OEM with that mindset. Where is the Adidas to Apple's Nike. The question I wish the Verge and Engadget would ask is where are the companies that view Windows/Android/Whatever the way Ive's views OSX. That want to make something that shows off the software. Where's the company we don't have to tell to be creative or innovative; that has enough hubris and know how to want to be THE PC maker.

Windows software needs hardware built for Windows, not chasing Apple and not treating software like an afterthought.

PCs don't have a Retina problem.