Issue with running Audio + Camera concurrently on HTC One X

I was at the ATT store a few days ago and was playing with the HTC One X. I was impressed with the display and how snappy the phone performed. There was a Beats Audio headset connected to it so I played some music over Pandora. I wanted to check how well the phone performed multitasking, so I opened the camera app (the music was still running in the background) and took a photo. I was shocked to hear the glitch in audio playback when the photo was taken. I tried it again, same result. I wondered if this was due to Pandora using the data connection to stream music over the network (too much work for the CPU?) so I closed the Pandora app, and started the local music player app on the phone and played music that was on the phone. Took a photo again, and observed the same annoying glitch. I was shocked. I am not sure how HTC could overlook such a basic concurrency scenario but its just horrible. What is the use of having a powerful S4 processor under the hood and boast of best benchmark performance when consumers will run into issues such as this? I tried the same concurrency scenario on a nearby iphone4s and there was no such glitch (obviously, I guess). I wasn't sure if this is an Android issue or HTC Sense issue, or even if it is isolated to the US ATT version but I left the store disappointed in HTC and Android.

I think folks at The Verge should have a section for such basic concurrency use-cases when reviewing smartphones.